Sunday, March 13, 2011

Facts The Media Ignore

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard about the World Trade Centre. And I'm also sure you all think that the planes crashing into the building caused the collapse. Well, the truth is, that 'fact' is WRONG.

In physics, when a force strikes a tall object, the object will fall in the direction of the force.

Key Note#1:
The World Trade Centre collapsed from the top, disobeying the laws of physics.

The americans blame Muslim terrorists for the plane crash, but when you look at physics, the plane shouldn't be the cause of collapse.

Key Note#2:
Another fact, the origin of the plane was not confirmed by reliable sources.

Sure, they say the plane came from Saudi Arabia. But in truth, THEY LIE.

So who's the bad guy?

Look at the date of the occurence.


Now look at the common name for it.


Now look at the sum of the numbers


Now let me tell you about the language of the Free Masons. They communicate with numbers and symbols.

To them, 10 means God.
What about 11?

11= Skipping God

Key Note#3:
One of the main secret purposes of  the Free Masons is to teach mankind to skip God and worship Baal(Dajjal).

Don't trust the media ever again.

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